Chicago Cubs: An objective review and ranking of City Connect uniforms

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The Diamondbacks got to put on their City Connect uniforms for the first time on an early July night in the desert.


The jerseys are a sand color with the word “Serpientes” (Spanish for “snake”) in script across the front. The “S” in “serpientes” is a snake, slithering down and under the entire word. There is a number on the lower left in the Diamondbacks familiar burgundy. The left sleeve has a patch of the Diamondbacks “A” logo in black, and the Arizona flag on the right. The back features a burgundy name and black numbers.

The pants are the normal home white pants for Arizona, and the hat is sand with a black bill and the Diamondbacks “A” logo in black on the front.

Objective Review

The Diamondbacks designed this uniform to pay homage to the desert and the sand covering Arizona, and also honor the state’s Hispanic culture and history. The color makes sense and they are snakes. They did what they wanted to do.

To me, if you’re going to do this, do it big. we saw Boston and the Cubs go all out for their cities. We saw Miami get loud with theirs. These are just sort of… bland. There’s no real flair going on. This is me saying this too, captain of the traditionalists.

I feel like the Diamondbacks could have done better here. These are sort of boring. Honestly, I’m shocked it took me until the fifth team to end on a sour note.