Chicago Cubs: An objective review and ranking of City Connect uniforms

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Next up were the White Sox showing off their Southside look in early June.

I’m sorry, the picture just had to be Tony La Russa.


The uniforms are exact reverse of the White Sox uniforms we’re used to seeing – black pants and jersey with white pin stripes. Across the front, you won’t see Chicago, but rather “Southside” in gothic script, in reference to and honor of the neighborhoods and communities on the south side of Chicago. The back features white names and numbers, the numbers matching the gothic script as seen the front.

The uniform finishes off with a black hat with “CHI” in gothic script in the shape of their current logo.

Objective Review

The White Sox play on the south side of Chicago at the corner of 35th and Shields, but that is not the main reason for the front of the jersey. The team wants to honor and bring attention to the south side communities, mostly victim to a bad reputation for its crime rate and shootings.

There are thousands upon thousands of good people in these communities and they are proud of where they come from, and as they should be. “Southside” is a mentality and a culture, and these uniforms and the White Sox bring that honor and pride to the ballpark with them every day.

Again, at first, my traditionalist self hated everything. However, after seeing what these jerseys mean to the team and communities they represent, and after learning about why the Sox picked this look, I very much started to come around to appreciate them.

And yet still, another White Sox uniform without actual white socks.