Chicago Cubs: An objective review and ranking of City Connect uniforms

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Kris Bryant / Chicago Cubs
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In the second year as the official uniform provider of Major League Baseball, Nike announced seven clubs in baseball to be the trial run of a uniform line they called City Connect. With the idea that each team would have a City Connect uniform in rotation by the year 2023, the seven clubs chosen to start out with were the Boston Red Sox, Miami Marlins, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, San Francisco Giants, Arizona Diamondbacks and Los Angeles Dodgers.

The idea of City Connect in MLB really came from the success Nike had in doing the same thing with teams in the National Basketball Association. Popularity and sales for these uniforms went through the roof for both Nike and the NBA, so why not bring it to baseball?

Recent studies had shown popularity and interest of baseball in the younger demographic has been dangerously low, and MLB has been working tirelessly to find ways to make the game less boring and entertaining to the younger fan.

To those younger fans MLB is certainly attempting to cater to, these uniforms are doing exactly what they are supposed to do: increasing popularity, sales, and interest in the game. However, to some older and “more experienced” fans that consider themselves traditionalists and like things the way they are, these uniforms are definitely having an opposite effect.

I consider myself a nice hybrid between a young fan looking for excitement and a traditionalists afraid of changing things I’ve been accustomed to watching and enjoying since I was 6-8 years old. So I feel like I am the perfect judge to objectively review each and every City Connect uniform we have seen this season, and potentially bridge the gap between the young and traditionalist.