3 areas the Chicago Cubs must win in to compete in 2022

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Chicago Cubs: 3 Ways the Team Can Contend in 2022 – #2: Trade Deadline

Should the Cubs be able to land a primetime free agent or at least a few good players that make a difference, it can help them get back to their winning ways and not be looking for division front runners through binoculars.

In free agency, players control their own destiny by ultimately deciding where they want to play. At the trade deadline, not so much. After signing the right players in the offseason which will contribute to more wins, Hoyer will be in position to buy the right player at the deadline and help fortify the team even further moving forward. This is why landing a big free agent first is imperative to this two-part plan.

Again, this free agent class is loaded, not everybody is going to need every piece available as there are multiple from the same position such as shortstop where you alone have Javier Baez, Trevor Story, Corey Seager, Carlos Correa and Marcus Semien.

If successful in landing at least a couple above average names, the Cubs should be right back in the thick of things as far as the NL Central is concerned. That’s where they will be back in a position to buy at the trade deadline and be equipped to make a serious push as soon as next year. It will only be possible though first through a successful offseason this winter. However, there is still one final piece to the puzzle if this should all come to fruition.