3 areas the Chicago Cubs must win in to compete in 2022

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Well.. the good news is the Chicago Cubs are red hot, winners of two of their last five heading into Saturday’s matchup with Kansas City. That’s better than 12 straight losses, right? Sitting only 20.5 games back with 38 to play, there’s still technically a chance the Cubs can pull this off, no? All we need is every good team to DFA their best players and…

Eh. It even hurts to kid. The Cubs need to 100 percent get ready to focus on next year. Even though you don’t want to lose every game, the unfortunate reality is the more the Cubs lose now, the more they gain in the MLB draft in the form of securing a top pick in the first round. Not to say you should hope the team loses, It’s just simply that if you’re not going to win a World Series, you can at least take solace in knowing the club will get a top available player next year.

Securing a top draft pick is not something you should do on purpose. However, I wouldn’t say the Cubs are necessarily losing on purpose, they can accomplish that feat on their own as the boys in blue continue their avalanche of a descent to the bottom of the standings.

However, there are more ways Chicago can look to right the ship as soon as next season. Securing a top pick is a good place to start, but they don’t even have to start there. Should Jed Hoyer and the front office get aggressive soon, there’s actually a few ways the Cubs can turn this thing around quickly. Although there will be several moving parts needed to make this work, let’s take a look at three ways the North Siders can contend again as soon as 2022.