Chicago Cubs: 3 more guys you should be prepared to lose this winter

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The Chicago Cubs are pretty much now at an all-time low. I generally like to keep my thoughts within the realm of optimism when it comes to the team but this is just bad. Laughable,  in fact. The pitching, in particular, is so bad right now they might as well just call up anyone to see what they can do. However, that’s what happens when you let your whole team go and tear down looking to start fresh.

It’s important to keep in mind that not only have several key players left this year, but it’s also not completely over. The Cubs have quite a few free agents on the books that more than likely won’t be offered another contract based on their poor play lately. Some of them a victim or circumstance, some of them not even a free agent – but just a poor performer.

As it has been addressed, the Cubs’ quickest way to get back into the fold will be through free agency – whether that be letting guys walk or adding some much-needed talent. Basically, this year has been a train wreck of underperformance at the highest level. The Cubs honestly could have lost 120 games if this was the team all year. With that being said, let’s carry on and take a glance at three players currently on the roster that you might not see in a Cubs uniform next year.