5 reasons the fire sale was actually serendipitous for the Chicago Cubs

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Chicago Cubs / Justin Fields
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Chicago Cubs: More free time to watch Da Bears?

Let’s be real – with the Cubs struggling to hit, pitch or produce a lot of excitement, fans don’t have to be glued to the tube. There’s no need to live and die with every pitch, because most fans have already died a slow (or very quick firesale) death this season. It’s not to say that there won’t be fans in the stands at Wrigley or tuning in at home, but it’s already been painfully obvious for ownership that fans have better things to do than show up and tune in for a subpar product.

After yesterday’s preseason game and Justin Fields’ performance, a lot of Cubs fans may be trading in their round white orb for an oblong brown pigskin a little bit earlier than usual. The excitement of a new and possibly great quarterback sure doesn’t hurt, but a healthy defense could mean an intriguing Bears’ season and a reason to stop caring about baseball until hot stove time in the winter.

In addition to the Bears, people have found other things to do with their time and money due to the pandemic, and without a big pull or star draw at Wrigley, some fans may just elect to do something else, get outside, or even (gasp) become Southside fans for the rest of the summer and fall.