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5 reasons the fire sale was actually serendipitous for the Chicago Cubs

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Chicago Cubs: Top draft picks can turn into stars of the future

One thing the Cubs did extremely well under Epstein and Hoyer (and even Jim Hendry) over the last decade was turn high draft picks into big league players quickly. Fans can dispute how good Albert Almora, Javier Baez, Kris Bryant, Kyle Schwarber, and Ian Happ have been and will become, but they all turned out to be MLB ballplayers and were all in the big leagues helping the Cubs within four years from the day they were drafted.

Heck, Bryant and Happ needed less than two years and Schwarber was hacking in the bigs only a year after being drafted out of Indiana University.

It stinks to be back to top 10 draft pick mode, but if they Cubs hit on a top 10 pick in a quick re-tool, it could be another Bryant, Baez, or Schwarber. Or, it could be another guy like Brennen Davis. I think most fans would take that for a season that wasn’t going anywhere fast, even if we kept all the core stars.

What remains to be seen with the Cubs front office and scouting department is if they could possibly take a top 10 pick and go with an impact pitcher who would end up helping the team for the better park of a decade. Chances are with that kind of pick a college bat would be taken, but who knows what the 2022 draft might feature by the time the Cubs pick.