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5 reasons the fire sale was actually serendipitous for the Chicago Cubs

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It’s hard to turn waste into gold and it’s tough to find excitement in what the Chicago Cubs did to their club at the trade deadline (and prior to) just a few weeks ago. Just 1-14 in August since the trade deadline dust settled, the Cubs are officially a really bad team.

Not that they were tearing the cover off the ball and playing great baseball before all the stars and core members were traded away, but at least they were fielding a lineup with guys that fans actually knew. So, yeah, it’s bad right now. The deadline fire sale was pretty terrible and awfully tough to swallow.

Chicago Cubs: An emotional deadline fire sale could prove advantageous

The deadline became extremely emotional for many fans, as they watched helplessly as some of their most beloved World Series heroes were unceremoniously traded away as commodities in a cold and calculated business fans often don’t want any part of. After all, this is a franchise and fanbase that saw its greatest player, Mr. Cub Ernie Banks, put up 512 home runs in a Hall of Fame career, yet never reach the postseason.

Granted, Banks played long before free agency created some of the issues of the modern game, but fans were happy having their favorite players on the team, whether the player they connected to was Banks, Ron Santo, Ryne Sandberg or Sammy Sosa. The emotions fans feel for their favorite players transcends wins and losses and gives them a reason to tune in and root for their team, even if they’re lovable losers. That’s why the fire sale has seemed even worse to most fans.

And yet, there may be more than one silver lining to come out of that deadline dump, despite all the grumbling, annoyance, and frustration for Cub fans. Let’s discuss five possible positives: