Chicago Cubs, Cincinnati Reds to play in 2022 Field of Dreams Game


It was officially announced on Tuesday evening the Chicago Cubs will take on the Cincinnati Reds in the 2022 Field of Dreams Game in Dyersville, Iowa. MLB obviously liked what they saw last week when the New York Yankees took on the Chicago White Sox, and how could they not? I mean look at how it started:

You know what’s cooler than hitting a homer into the bleachers? Hitting a homer into a field of corn:

And shoutout to everyone who gets the reference of that tweet. That was A+ work by the Sox social team.

Naturally, the night ended with the Yankees coming back to take the lead in the top of the ninth and then the White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson slapping an oppo-corn-shell-taco with extra corn salsa to give the Sox a walk-off win, the franchise’s 15th ever walk-off against the Yankees.

The first, you ask? That was off the bat of Shoeless Joe Jackson in 1918, his one and only home run that year.

Storybook stuff, it can’t be redone. It was heaven. It was Iowa.

Enter a completely disarrayed, questionable Chicago Cubs team

Who is going to even be on this team to play in this game? Are the Cubs going to be in the second half of another absolutely miserable season, or will there be magic in the air one more time?

Will the people come? Or will everyone be coming undone? (This is a corn AND a Korn reference, for the kids at home.)

These are really all questions we are going to have a little less than a year to figure out. However, there is really only one question I need answered right now:

Chicago Cubs: What uniforms will the team be wearing?

These have got to be good. We have before us two aged and historic franchises with seemingly endless throwbacks to choose from. This is why these teams were picked: not for the quality of play, the quality of threads.

I cannot WAIT to see what the picks are. The Cubs will be the road team, so they’ll be grey. Potentially these that were worn at Fenway in 2011?

Chicago Cubs
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I don’t think the magic we saw Thursday night in the inaugural corn game will ever be able to be replicated by any means, especially with the teams that are playing next year. However, it is very cool to see your favorite team play in a special event like this.