Chicago Cubs: 3 questions we must ask after a historically bad week

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Chicago Cubs: Should we still go to Wrigley Field this season?

Heck. Yes.

If you’re reading this far into this, you obviously know that Wrigley Field provides the best and most unique gameday experience in the league. You’re not going to the city but headed to the neighborhood. If you don’t want to pay for parking, hit me up on Twitter, I’ll tell you my secrets.

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A day at Wrigley is unmatched if you plan accordingly, and it never matters the day or the time of the game.

You start early and head to the bars. Start south on Clark at Country Club and work your way north. Head into the Irish Oak and grab a beer with Seth and the gang before crossing over to put a couple rounds up in the cages at Sluggers. Then you head into Vines to grab a beer from Laila and crew. Couple more stops at Cubby Bear and Murphy’s before you enter the gates and up the ramps to the bleachers, because we all know where the party is.

Picture this: it’s Friday afternoon, September 10. You’ve called into work; you’ve got a beer in your hand and you’re surrounded by 40,000 of Chicago’s best. Kris Bryant is returning to Wrigley for the first time since the trade. He comes up to bat in the first to a thunderous standing ovation from everyone but Ricketts and Hoyer themselves. Then he hits the first pitch he sees, and it lands in your cup. You chug your drink, grab the ball and throw it back, because those are the rules.

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Now you’re the hero of the day in the bleachers, and have the story of a lifetime for forever.