5 Chicago Cubs that will be part of the next core

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Looking over the last two weeks of Chicago Cubs baseball, it has been painful for the fanbase to say the least. They have had to endure a 10-game skid that figures to be the new norm as the season goes on. The offense hasn’t been terrible, as there have been a few new guys that have been exciting to watch since the core was traded away at the end of July.

Though not everybody that has been on a roll in a Cubs uniform will necessarily be a core piece of the team moving forward, there are quite a few that have made their mark both in 2021 and have numbers to back it up from years prior.

The main reason to watch the team every night at this point of a losing season is simply to see what the newer guys can do and how much potential they have for the team moving forward. If the Cubs patch up the rotation and add a couple pieces to the bullpen via free agency or if a prospect can prove themselves, this team still isn’t exactly World Series-caliber yet, but they will be on the right track.

Though Cubs fans are soured with everything going on lately, It’s understandable that fans simply “don’t want to hear it” right now. However, it’s important to note that although this season seems lost, they do already have key members on the squad that cannot be overlooked. Let’s take a look at the top five guys currently on the team that will be part of the core moving forward.