3 reasons to remain optimistic about Chicago Cubs baseball

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There’s an uneasy fear settling over Wrigleyville since the July 30 trade deadline – one rooted in memories of meaningless, uncompetitive seasons of the past. Heading into Thursday’s finale, the Chicago Cubs were 8-18 in the second half, losers of seven consecutive games as they continue free-falling in the standings.

Funny thing about fear. They call it a lack of faith. Although you can pretty much wrap this season up in a nice big bow, tie an anvil around it and toss it to the depths of Lake Michigan, all is not completely lost for the North Siders.

The Cubs do still have baseball games to play. With those games comes the opportunity for players to showcase what they have to bring to the table moving forward. That is where the attention needs to shift to now. Whether it’s a new guy that goes 3-for-4, a new pitcher you haven’t followed as much throwing a gem, lots can still happen on an individual basis to boost your confidence as a fan.

It’s never easy when your favorite team goes downhill. For the purpose of keeping heads held high, looking ahead to the end of the 2021 campaign and beyond, let’s take a look at three things fans can still find a sense of optimism about for the rest of the season.