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Here’s why 2022 will be absolutely critical for the Chicago Cubs

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Chicago Cubs: There will be opportunities to help make 2022 a productive year

Much anger has been directed at the Ricketts family the past few years over their refusal to spend anything substantial toward the roster. Chairman Tom Ricketts described 2020 as a year that brought “Biblical losses” financially to the team. How much of that is true is not known, but the Cubs did just announce they have plans to finally open their sportsbook at Wrigley Field. So…how “broke” are they actually?

The whole point of bringing this is up that if the Cubs want to make strides towards at least being competitive again, they need to spend some money in the offseason. Rizzo, Bryant, Baez will not be on the payroll come wintertime (they are retaining Rizzo’s salary this year while he is in New York) and there should absolutely be financial flexibility.

Bringing in some established talent to help build around and/or trade for more future value in 2022 is needed. Who they spend money on can help determine the course of this team for the next several years. Let’s just say if the Ricketts truly believe they will not require a long rebuild, then they have to back that up by allowing the pockets books to be opened.

Another big part of 2022 will be the MLB draft. The Cubs are spiraling and do not look like they will win many games the rest of 2021, so they could be in a good draft position. There’s plenty of intriguing talent set to be drafted in 2022 and the Cubs have a legit shot at getting some of the top.

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While the core was traded away this year and the prospects came back, 2022 will really give us an idea of what the Cubs can look like in the coming years. Prospects in Rookie ball now will be exposed to better competition and those in Low and/or high-A can work their way up to Double-A or Triple-A. One thing is certain, it will be interesting to watch Brennen Davis in the Majors next year, as will seeing Nick Madrigal in a Cubs uniform.