Here’s why 2022 will be absolutely critical for the Chicago Cubs

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The Chicago Cubs brass has made it clear they do not intend for this “transition” to last long, but it will not necessarily happen overnight either. It is hard to imagine all of the problems being fixed in one offseason. Can the team vastly improve in 2022? They absolutely should, they really can go nowhere else but up, however it will still be a process to get back to being a legitimate contender.

2022 is a very crucial season for the Cubs for a number of reasons. Even if they will not be ready to compete for a World Series, big strides with a new regime of players need to be made. Much of this involves developing the prospects and continuing to build up the farm. It is also time for ownership to show they can spend wisely, even without necessarily making massive splashes. Simply put, there needs to be help brought in to improve the ballclub.

There will also be the growth of key young guys already in the majors, looking to have definitive roles going forward. If all goes well in 2022, then 2023-2024 can be the target years for when the Cubs really start to take shape again. Here are key reasons why next year will be so important throughout the organization.