Chicago Cubs: Imagination, intrigue and the case for a 2025 starting lineup

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Chicago Cubs
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Whichever cliché you want to use to describe the Chicago Cubs at this year’s trade deadline does not take away from the immense feeling of dread that swept across Wrigleyville when the club shipped off its core, spread throughout both the National League and American League.

The challenge Jed Hoyer faced leading up to the deadline was no small feat. Work to build the next great core, keep the fans happy, or some combination of both? Whether they admit it or not, Fans did not have any better solution than Hoyer — despite the countless armchair quarterbacks voicing their displeasure.

It sucks, truly. Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant, and Javier Báez were the heart and soul. Now, they go forth and have a shot at a postseason and possible World Series appearance. However, it is not an ‘even’ year, so the San Francisco Giants and, by extension, Kris Bryant are out.

Looking forward is the move now, however, and thankfully the Cubs landed some nice returns for the “Big 3” to add to their already underrated system. So, looking a few years down the road, what will the 2025 team possibly look like? Well, we have much of that question answered and a clearer picture.