5 darkest moments for Chicago Cubs fans since the MLB trade deadline

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Kris Bryant / Anthony Rizzo / Cubs
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What a long week it’s been for Chicago Cubs fans. That is to say the very least. Since last Friday, the team has become a shell of its former self. Franchise icons Kris Bryant, Anthony Rizzo and Javier Baez not only packed up and left Chicago, but have gone on to make an immediate mark on their new teams.

It’s been a great six years for Cubs fans as we’ve witnessed this team have its most successful stretch in franchise history. One World Series championship, a National League pennant, three straight NLCS appearances and a trio of division titles. As fantastic as the run was, as the years went on, the team’s overall production little by little began to snowball downhill.

The Chicago fanbase knew change was coming but could not envision the entire team they’ve known and loved for six years becoming a mere memory. Taking a look back at the last week, these are the top 5 saddest moments for Cubs fans as they brace for a wild ride, plummeting toward mediocrity, with hopes of re-tooling and being back on top sooner rather than later.