Chicago Cubs: Trade grades for every move following a hectic deadline

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Chicago Cubs announce end of an era, trade Anthony Rizzo to the Yankees

The first big domino to fall for the Cubs was the universally beloved captain, Anthony Rizzo, a move that seemed destined when Rizzo and the team couldn’t get an extension done. Rizzo was the one player that looked the most likely to be in Chicago for the rest of his career, but instead, he was the first shipped away. Rizzo had certainly taken steps back from what he once was, but he was still having an above-average season, and the pain of losing a franchise icon was at least eased by a massive return.

Quite simply put, this was a fleece for the Cubs. For starters, Alcantara on his own is now the number two prospect in the Cubs system according to Fangraphs, with an FV of 50 at just 19 years old. Alcantara is another prospect with incredible raw power and has great speed and plus fielding as well.

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Alcantara on his own would’ve been more than enough, but Alexander Vizcaino is intriguing as well. Vizcaino is currently a starter that slots in at 11th in the system and sports a 45 FV. He has an excellent fastball and possibly the best changeup in the entire system, and should be in Chicago in 2022.

Both Alcantara and Vizcaino would’ve been great as headliners in their own package for Rizzo, and getting them both in the same deal was a masterclass effort from Hoyer. Saying goodbye to a franchise icon is tough, but this return eases the pain.

Grade: A+