Chicago Cubs: What a Mets return for Javier Baez could look like

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Chicago Cubs / Javier Baez / Kris Bryant
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Chicago Cubs: Could two All-Stars be packaged together?

Personally, I love the idea of packaging Javier Baez and Kris Bryant here. Though the Mets wouldn’t necessarily be keen on two rentals, It’s not everyday you have a chance to trade for two All-Stars when you’re a contending team either. The reason I love this so much is because the return haul they could get from the Mets would be phenomenal. Looking at the Mets prospects, you’re probably not prying away Francisco Alvarez, the team’s #1 prospect and #34 overall. At least that is, if you want more than one top prospect in return.

Do you roll the dice with #53 overall, Matt Allan? Allan is missing all of 2021 and most likely part of 2022 due to Tommy John surgery. He was and still is an extremely highly-touted prospect, picked up by the Mets in the third round of the 2019 draft. He was believed by many to be one of the best arms in his draft class. However, especially now with Tommy John surgery, he is likely a few years away from the big leagues. Jed Hoyer has stated he is looking for guys closer to MLB readiness.

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Ronny Mauricio, the Mets #2 prospect and #50 overall has been talked about in the past regarding a potential return on the Kris Bryant front. It was however said that Bryant alone would probably not be enough to secure the young shortstop. This leads me back to Javier Baez and other Mets prospects.

Looking again at the Mets system and how to pull off a blockbuster of this caliber, we turn our attention to #4 in the Mets organization (73 overall), Brett Baty. Baty is currently at the Double-A level with a big league ETA as soon as 2022. Mauricio, in High-A, also has around the same ETA as Baty.

Now, with Bryant not being enough for Mauricio and Bryant and Baez being too much, how could you pair the two All-Stars and get a return of Mauricio and Baty? How about Bryant, Baez and a good reliever on a team-friendly contract with multiple years of team control such as Dillon Maples for the two young top 100 prospects?

Keeping in mind the money coming off the books in the offseason for the Mets, Cohen could afford to resign both Bryant and Baez as well based on whatever deal structure they have AAV-wise. It would give the Mets incredible improvements to their defense. Not to mention a line up consisting of Lindor, Bryant, Baez, Alonso, etc. would be near tops in MLB. Around the diamond, whether you use KB at third or JD Davis and stick Bryant in the outfield, you’re still escalating yourself toward top-notch defensively.

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On the Cubs side, you’re getting two top 100 prospects with sky-high potential that could come up as soon as next year. That fact that Mauricio are Baty are a shortstop and third baseman is ever so fitting. It’s about to get really crazy in baseball by Friday afternoon.