Chicago Cubs: The likeliest trade destinations for the Big 3

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Chicago Cubs / Kris Bryant
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With just days left until the MLB tradedeadline, we can fully expect this week to be full of rumors – ranging from logical to far-fetched. It’s no secret the market is about to get wild, especially for the Chicago Cubs when we’re thinking about landing spots for the ‘Big 3’ in Kris Bryant, Javier Baez and Anthony Rizzo.

Let’s get right into the thick of things on the likeliest landing spots for the team’s trio of stars.

Chicago Cubs: For Kris Bryant, it keeps coming back to the New York Mets

Sticking with the rumors that have persisted the most here. The most interest thus far for KB has seem to come from the Big Apple in the form of the New York Mets. According to Cubs insider,  the Mets are trying to downplay interest in Baez and the aforementioned Bryant, making it all the more eye-opening in my opinion.

I can see a scenario where the Mets attempt to make the best offer at the last second in hopes of swooping in and snatching KB, hoping that no one would be expecting it. I don’t think the surprise would be that earth-shattering, but it’s one way to go about it to try to throw your division rivals off given so many other NL East times have been connected to the four-time All-Star.

It will be very interesting to see what the return will be for Bryant, if moved. One report speculates a deal could involve a Mets top prospect by the name of Ronny Mauricio. Another interesting scenario would be the Cubs going after right-hander J.T. Ginn, who currently is in High-A for the Brooklyn Cyclones as well as Mauricio. Ginn could potentially have more upside for a faltering rotation in Chicago but is likely further from big league status than Mauricio, who has an MLB ETA of 2022.