Chicago Cubs: 10 bats to target as MLB trade deadline looms

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Adam Frazier / Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: 10 bats to target at the trade deadline: #4 – Adam Frazier

Turning our attention to the NL Central, the last-place Pittsburgh Pirates are making breakout season candidate Adam Frazier available. Nothing much to see here, he is only batting .327/.390/.453 while currently leading the league with 122 hits in 373 ABs, good for a 3.1 WAR on the season.

As far as his contract goes, Frazier has another year of team control after this season before reaching free agency. Therefore, as you can imagine, his value is through the roof here for any team looking to contend, re-tool and contend soon, or what have you. Check out some of his splits this year:

  • v RHP: .332/.393/.432 – .100 ISO – .362 wOBA – 128 wRC+
  • v LHP: .314/.381/.510 – .190 ISO – .384 wOBA – 142 wRC+

It’s not everyday you see reverse lefty splits like this. The problem with Frazier, much like Haniger, is I expect him to be highly sought after. With not many contenders in desperate need of a second baseman (besides the obvious White Sox) Frazier would be a great fit and a true leadoff hitter should the Cubs be willing to meet Pittsburgh’s asking price.

This once again would be a scenario I could only see happening if the Cubs manage to sell their pieces and come back to buy at the end of the deadline. Personally, I would worry about that other Chicago team upping the ante, as they are the main contender in need of a second baseman.