These 4 teams are interested in key Chicago Cubs players

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This weekend, we learned that several teams have scouts in attendance at Wrigley Field for the series between the Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks. So let’s not delay – and dive right into four teams who have interest in some of the team’s big names ahead of Friday’s trade deadline.

Let’s start with the Washington Nationals, who are surprisingly going to make a run for it and have been now labeled as buyers. Take a glance at a recent report of the Nats’ interest in Kris Bryant. Washington will have you believe they can’t seem to make up their minds on what they want to do. At least that’s what they want you to think. For reports to be out about an interest in Bryant, buying is clearly on their minds.

In my mind if I’m a GM on a team that can go one way or the other, my plans are kept inside the house and I will be as vague as possible. I’d much rather have the element of surprise at the deadline if I was going to go for it. I don’t want my division rivals to know who I am after so they can’t be prepared to up the offer knowing that I would be bidding.

With recent reports of Starlin Castro being placed on administrative leave, it makes sense for the Nationals to go after a Bryant-caliber piece to shore up their depth. The added defensive versatility is a huge plus to anybody looking to make that second-half push. As we all know, the Nationals have a history of going for it. In 2019 they were 19-31 and no one thought they would be able to dig their way out of that hole. As it turns out, they did  just that and went on to win the franchise’s first ever World Series title.

Mike Rizzo is definitely up to something. Not sure it will be Bryant, but he’s going to make a move.