Chicago Cubs: 3 under-the-radar prospects to consider targeting

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The trade deadline is less than a week away, and while we speculate what the Cubs could get back in their coming trades, these names could interest them.

With the clock winding down as we get closer and closer to the July 30 deadline, and the Chicago Cubs running full steam ahead with plans to sell, the league and fans alike are holding their breath to see when Chicago will make their move. Rumors have been swirling around about who the Cubs will deal some of their pieces to and what players they’ll get in return.

One thing is for certain, the entire trade deadline will run through the North Side of Chicago. The Cubs have something for every buyer. They have great bullpen arms, bats galore, and rotation depth to offer, so buyers will be lining up to offer for pieces of the roster. The number of buyers that will be interested in trading with the Cubs will hopefully be able to help them net some good prospect returns, so it’s only natural to make fantasy trades and theorize on the potential returns.

While many have been speculating or hoping for certain prospects to be on the way back in a trade, the only one who truly knows what the Cubs are targeting is Jed Hoyer. While we can all formulate our own mock trades, Hoyer and the front office likely have their own idea of what they can get in return, and some prospects they get may not have been on people’s radar.