Chicago Cubs: 10 pitchers to target as MLB trade deadline looms

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Chicago Cubs: 10 pitchers to target at the trade deadline: #6 – Matthew Boyd

Another badly-needed southpaw the Cubs should consider adding to the rotation due to a resurgent year is Matthew Boyd. This is another pitcher currently enjoying the best season of his career. He has succeeded thus far to the tune of a 3.44 ERA and 3-6 record. Although those numbers are nothing to write home about, keep in mind that much like Kyle Gibson, his team is also below .500 due to a lackluster offensive production in Texas, equating to a negative run differential of -47.

Also like Gibson, it is important to note that he is not a rental as he has another year of team control with his third and final year of arbitration in 2022. Currently earning $6.5 million, that number will definitely go up due to the success he’s found this season, mostly by means of changing the delivery in his change-up, which has led to much more efficiency against right-handed batters, who’ve always been a major thorn in Boyd’s side.

Boyd is not a guy who you’re going to trade one of your All-Stars for by any means, but he should garner some attention from Hoyer nonetheless and hopefully Detroit, looking to continue rebuilding, will let him go for a couple mid-level prospects. A guy like Boyd pitching the way he is now after tweaking his mechanics would greatly help fortify the Cubs’ ever-lacking rotation.