Chicago Cubs: 10 pitchers to target as MLB trade deadline looms

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Jed Hoyer has been perfectly transparent that his efforts before the trade deadline will be focused on selling rather than buying. With this in mind, Chicago Cubs fans should not be expecting a huge splash in the coming days regarding the top arms available via trade this season. However, I expect the front office to work some magic here. In my opinion, the term “selling” in this sense is simply being used none other than to grab every other GM’s attention.

I personally, with the understanding that our top pending free agents are as good as gone, look at the word “selling” as more of an opportunity to buy ourselves top prospects and cost effective starters by means of getting rid of our top guys who will no longer be here soon anyway. Sure, that is selling in a technical sense.

I’m not talking about trading Kris Bryant for a bunch of low level Rookie ball guys that may or may not pan out four or five years from now. I’m talking about top-tier prospects that are big league-ready, looking to get called up and make a serious impact as soon as next year.

Without further ado; let’s take a glance at the top young, cost effective middle of the rotation arms, as well as current big league starters the Cubs can go after via trade (or cash considerations considering they’ll have it available if they sell everybody) to help re-tool and reshape the organization moving forward.