Chicago Cubs: One trade to make and one trade to avoid

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Chicago Cubs / Kris Bryant
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Chicago Cubs: 1 trade to make: Kris Bryant

Bryant departing from the Cubs will be a melancholy day across the North Side of Chicago. Sadly, reality has set in that the former Rookie of the Year, NL MVP and four-time All-Star is on his way out.

This is a guy that, when he is on, is good for 30+ HR and 100+ RBI. The problem with that, not to take away from Bryant, but with so much emphasis on advanced analytics, sabermetrics and everything being about launch angle and exit velocity these days, a lot of players are becoming capable of this feat in today’s game. Take 2019 before the COVID-shortened 2020 season, a whopping 58 players across MLB hit at least 30 long balls, with another 15 breaking 40 and three surpassing 50.

One hundred runs batted in is still above average in baseball, don’t get me wrong. It takes a keen eye at the plate to be able to deliver for your team in a big moment with runners on. Bryant has that “it” factor about him at the plate and has also certainly proven his versatility in the field this year. He has had countless moments throughout his big league career where he has come up clutch. Even though Bryant is one of my favorites, I must implore the Chicago faithful to not be blinded by the love we have for KB.

A return haul for Bryant coupled with other pieces would be a trade package that would be very enticing for a team to let go of one of their very top prospects, at least. One report indicates that KB alone may not be enough for a top three prospect return, however spicing it up by adding an arm such as cost effective Dillon Maples may do the trick.

These are the types of moves that can flip over a team rather quickly. Knowing Bryant is on his way out after this season anyway, it makes zero sense not to trade him now and get what you can before you regret not doing so when he’s gone. That’s just the unfortunate reality at this point. If I know a guy is on his way out and there’s a chance for me to secure a highly-ranked prospect that can make almost an immediate impact, I am all for it.

In fact, looking at the swirling rumors that Kimbrel is available as well, why not just stack up as much talent as possible? KB, Kimbrel, Baez. None of these guys can help us in two years when they aren’t here anymore. However, these young cost effective stars of tomorrow can.