5 Chicago Cubs MLB trade deadline chips whose value is skyrocketing

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5 Chicago Cubs whose trade value is skyrocketing: 3 – Kyle Hendricks

First off, I don’t want this to happen any more than you do. The fact is, Kyle Hendricks has been quite good for some time. He is the Cubs’ bonafide ace, is tied for the league lead in wins and it just has to be addressed – not a free agent until 2024 with an AAV of $14,000,000. If you’re thinking “He’s the only good starter we have,” – you’re certainly not alone.

At 12-4 with a ERA of 3.65 and an impeccable 1.9 percent walk rate, Hendricks has pretty much been the man. When he is on, he is unhittable. In Hendricks’ last 10 starts, every single one of them except for one has been a quality start of at least six innings pitched and no more than three earned runs allowed. That is quite an impressive stretch. In fact, with 14, he is tied for second in quality starts with Trevor Bauer, Gerrit Cole, Kevin Gausman and Brandon Woodruff, trailing only Walker Buehler, who has 16.

Understandable should you want to keep Hendricks as long as possible. However, think about it like this. Hendricks is tied for the league lead in wins and in under contract through the 2024 season. A return haul to the right team could be gigantic. Especially if we stick with the idea of adding another player to a package such as Maples, who we talked about earlier. In a league more dependent than ever on relievers, a starter that can routinely get you six to eight innings quickly becomes the Holy Grail.

These are the types of trades that turn your club around real quick. The Cubs have $65,000,000 coming off the books after this season and it so happens there is a fantastic class of players available after this year with expiring contracts. Ricketts will more than be able to afford new starting pitching in free agency. Will he pay? Hopefully.. but the logic is there.