Chicago Cubs: A Javier Baez trade within the division could change everything

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Chicago Cubs / Javier Baez
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Here we are. July 20. 10 days before the annual MLB trade deadline.

The Chicago Cubs find themselves in somewhat of a bind before the trade deadline regarding their star shortstop, Javier Baez. On one hand, there’s Baez reportedly seeking a contract of $200+ million. On the other, he promptly went out and turned in an absolute clunker of a performance against the Cardinals on Monday night.

Baez hasn’t been a $200 million player in several years now. Those are just facts at this point. We know what he has done and we know what he can do. However, to reveal what you’re looking for contract-wise when you are currently not playing at a high level is pretty awful timing for the former All-Star infielder.

Baez is on record stating he wants to be a Cub for life. If shelling out $200 million was that easy, I am sure he would be. The Puerto Rico native would probably find himself on year three of a contract extension should he had pushed harder for this number in 2018 and/or 2019 when he was playing to this level. He didn’t and now here we sit.