5 Chicago Cubs MLB trade deadline chips whose value is plummeting

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Chicago Cubs trade chips whose trade value is plummeting: #4 – Rex Brothers

If there’s one area the Cubs could have called a position of strength for much of the year, it’s left-handed relievers. Chafin obviously leads that group, putting up some eye-popping numbers out of the Chicago bullpen, but guys like Brad Wieck and Rex Brothers have had a good amount of success, as well.

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Well, Brothers was on that list, but his struggles lately likely wiped away any trade value he had. Over the last month, he carries a 5.40 ERA in 10 outings – although he’s maintained a 1.03 WHIP and .146 opponent batting average during that stretch, as well.

The big issue for the southpaw is when he does get hit, he gets hit hard. Brothers ranks in the bottom seven percent of the league in average exit velocity, the bottom 10 in max exit velocity and bottom 14 in hard-hit rate. Compounded with a poor walk rate, it’s easy to see how this guy plays with fire more than you’d like to see.

Throw in the fact he’s a straight two-pitch guy and even more teams might be detracted from going after him. It’s not that Rex Brothers was ever going to be a difference-maker for Chicago at the deadline, but you like to get value where you can and, right now, you’re not going to get much in a trade involving the veteran.