Chicago Cubs: 3 off-the-wall trade destinations for Javier Baez

Will the Cubs and Javier Baez agree on an extension? (Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports)
Will the Cubs and Javier Baez agree on an extension? (Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports) /
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Chicago Cubs / Javier Baez
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With all the buzz swirling around Kris Bryant and Craig Kimbrel as the most valuable trade chips on this Chicago Cubs roster, let’s not forget a certain number player that could be just as valuable to another team that needs him. When it comes to an All-Star’s availability, any team in first or second place could be a suitable trade destination if they are buying at the deadline.

First of all, it is important to note that regression can happen to players of all sports. As seen with Javier Baez, he has struggled thus far with a .238  average through 314 plate appearances in 2021, leading the league in strikeouts along the way. Though not what we like to see from the two-time All-Star, his accolades still speak for themselves.

Baez, the runner-up in the 2018 NL MVP race, Gold Glove recipient and 2018 Slugger Silver continues to show that a down year offensively isn’t what defines him. With flashy plays that make you look twice, El Mago remains known as a top-tier player in MLB. The fact is, if you asked any GM if they would like to have Baez on their team, the answer would most likely always be a resounding, “Yes!”

Whether you’re a contending team looking for that piece to ensure you clinch a division or a team hoping to find the pieces to turn yourself into a contender this year, It’s no surprise the “retooling” Cubs could be ready to move Baez to a team looking to win now.

It’s unfortunate for the Chicago faithful to have to ponder what it will be like without their favorite trio. What will this team look like in August? As the years of mediocracy once again seem destined to rear their ugly heads, fans alike can only look to rip off the band-aid as soon as possible and let the healing process commence.

That is why it is imperative to get the most out of your core now in trades before they walk for nothing. Should the Cubs miss this incredible opportunity to really stack up the farm system, they could be in for a process that will be much more complicated than simply “retooling.”

Let’s discuss three off-the-wall trade destinations for El Mago, should teams be looking to make a splash before the July 30 trade deadline.