Chicago Cubs: 3 Lower-ranked prospects that could make an impact

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While many may be feeling only doom and gloom is on the horizon going forward for the Chicago Cubs, the team has quietly done a good job restocking the farm since stripping it barren in their recent run of contention. The team still has a ways to go, but there’s plenty to like about the farm system now, and if they truly commit to selling at the coming deadline, the team could be in for a 2016-2017 Yankees-like turnaround.

The Cubs have a very toolsy farm, with most of the team’s prospects being more potential driven than finished products, and this rings true with their top prospects as well. While much has been written on when we could see some of the top guys in the minors, good teams have depth on the farm, and it’s also exceedingly important for some of the lower-ranked guys to contribute as well.

Chicago Cubs: Chase Strumpf has tons of offensive potential

While Strumpf isn’t very lowly rated in the Cubs system (#9 – MLB Pipeline), the sheer amount of talent the Cubs farm has on the infield means Strumpf sometimes gets lost in the shuffle, but the 2019 2nd round pick shouldn’t be overlooked. While much of the infielder hype goes to Chris Morel and Ed Howard, Strumpf in his own right has flashed the potential to be a good starter in the future.

The Cubs had Strumpf down in Arizona this year for spring training, meaning they could be interested in calling him up within the next year. Strumpf is a bat-first prospect with pipeline giving him a 55-grade hit tool and a 50 power tool, and after tearing up High-A to start the minor league season, was quickly moved to Double-A where he immediately made an impact.

Strumpf has floundered a bit in Tennessee as he gets adjusted to the higher level of competition, but his prowess for getting on-base along with his tendency to spray line drives across the field should make him a good candidate to make an impact in Chicago.