3 former Chicago Cubs who are making the front office look like fools

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Chicago Cubs / Nicholas Castellanos
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Watching Nicholas Castellanos play a key role in handing the Chicago Cubs a seventh-straight loss on Friday night really sucked. I know he only called Wrigley Field home for a few months, but I will never be able to erase the image of him sitting on the top rail of the dugout after the team’s last home game, looking out at the Confines and just taking it all in.

This week, we learned Castellanos will join teammate Jesse Winker in the first All-Star Game of his career – and it got me thinking of a handful of former Cubs who have turned it up a notch this year and, frankly, made the front office look like they missed the mark in their evaluations of them.

We might as well start it off with Castellanos. This guy has done it all for the Reds, leading the league with 103 hits, 27 doubles and .346 batting average. He may very well end up bringing home a batting title this year – as the Cubs’ offense continues to set the wrong kinds of records heading into the summer months.

Thinking about a huge bat-to-ball guy with power in the Chicago lineup is enough to make anyone irate because of how badly the team has struggled this year. Castellanos will forever be the one that got away. Hopefully, he opts out at season’s end and Jed Hoyer can right the wrong of his predecessor and bring him back to the North Side.

But that’s probably wishful thinking.