2021 Chicago Cubs possess a magical je ne sais quoi reminiscent of “Major League”

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Chicago Cubs: El Mago spreading his magic all around

Enter Javier Baez, otherwise known as El Mago. Equal parts Pedro Cerrano, Willie Mays Hayes and Jobu himself, Baez has become a magical, mojo-producing, athletic freak who is just as likely to make one of the most ridiculous plays you’ve ever seen as he is to make, well… one of the most ridiculous plays you’ve ever seen.

You did watch what he did to the Pirates this week, right?

Capable of producing jaw-droppingly amazing plays with little effort, Baez is just as likely to swing at pitches over his head, a foot out of the strike zone, or throw away a routine ball he should be able to make in his sleep because he forgot to plant with the correct foot first.

If Baez is the magic that propels this whole thing and keeps the analogy afloat, that would make all of us writing about, watching from home (or in the bleachers), and complaining on Twitter the disgruntled fans (and grounds crew) who’ve gone from nearly giving up on the team that sold off some good parts in the offseason to coming around to the fact that this team just might find a way to be good and win the division.