Cubs fans are in love with Andrew Chafin and his mustache

(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images)
(Photo by Nuccio DiNuzzo/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Cubs have never had a shortage for dynamic, funny, or downright bizarre personalities in the clubhouse. Javier Baez, Anthony Rizzo and Ian Happ are some of the standouts in recent years, but sometimes another player comes out of the woodwork and establishes themselves as instantly iconic. Whether people will still remember Andrew Chafin after his time with the Cubs is up is unknown, but he’s made quite the impression so far.

Chafin’s time in the spotlight began because of a single borderline cursed photo of the mustached man in an Obvious Shirt, sunglasses pulled down, and long, curly hair out for all to see. It brings to mind the look of Rod “Shooter” Beck only from the left side and sans mullet. Still, it’s a look all his own and I love it.

Aside from a disastrous appearance in relief of Adbert Alzolay, Chafin’s found success with the Cubs so far this year. The inspiration for this photo has partly come from his monstrous strikeout rate of over 19 per nine innings, but the way he’s accomplished it has been a joy to watch. Chafin loves to pound the strike zone and retire the side in quick fashion, making him an aggressive, intimidating, bulldog of a man that reminds Tommy Hottovy of Chuck Norris. 

Clearly, Cubs fans are on board. Chafin noted that his followers on Twitter had tripled due to the photo, but there’s more to like about him than the weird 80’s action star vibe around him. Recently, he tweeted out an offer to the Cubs faithful: sell him an old beater to drive around Chicago in and he’ll not only pay you, but hook you up with tickets as well.

The deal has received some interesting responses and The Sheriff has responded in kind. One user offered him his camper which Chafin admitted he was definitely not cool enough for. It’s been a fun way for him to both interact with the fans online as well as make someone’s day and I am all for it.

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I’ll always love the weird standout players in baseball, especially when they give back to fans like Chafin is. Hopefully he’ll continue to find success in a Cubs uniform because, right now, he’s one of the bright spots on an otherwise dismal team. Whether you love how he pitches or just enjoy the look, Chafin’s definitely a player to watch this year.