Chicago Cubs: What do Kris Bryant’s comments mean for the future?

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Cubs: This will be something to keep an eye on all season long

On the surface, trading Bryant for something at the trade deadline rather than letting him walk for nothing in free agency for nothing makes sense. But digging a little deeper, there’s plenty of variables that could change that could argue against that idea, variables that have to be determined during the season.

For starters, if the Cubs wind up being competitive at the deadline, they’re keeping Bryant, and shouldn’t entertain dumping him whatsoever. Another thing that could sway the club against trading Bryant is that letting him walk in free agency for “nothing” is potentially untrue. If the Cubs give Bryant the qualifying offer, he’s almost certain to decline it and get a much larger deal in free agency, giving Chicago a potentially supplemental draft pick, which is a lot more valuable than a lot of prospects.

Another thing about Bryant is that since he’s a rental. Unless he’s tearing apart the league, there’s a good chance he doesn’t net much in the way of valuable prospects for the Chicago Cubs future at the deadline. It may make more sense for Jed Hoyer to want the comp pick in the draft instead.

There’s many more reasons to keep Bryant around for 2021 regardless of what happens than one would think but there’s still so many questions to consider about Bryant. What if Bryant is doing ok but not great at the deadline? What if the Cubs are mediocre at the deadline and Bryant is doing incredible?

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Is there any chance the team just decides, “Forget it, let’s just extend the man?” and finally pull the trigger? We’re all gonna have to wait for answers to these burning questions about the Cubs and Bryant’s future until after the season begins. For now though, let’s all just enjoy the ride and appreciate Kris Bryant while he’s still on the North Side.