Cubs: Your guide to all things fantasy baseball for the 2021 season

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Joc Pederson, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images)
Joc Pederson, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Steph Chambers/Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs: One new face in the outfield

While a fan favorite has departed from the Cubs outfield, there might be very little fantasy impact based on position and skill set when looking at the swap of Kyle Schwarber for Joc Pederson in left field. Both guys when right rely on power hitting and a keen eye that has the potential to rack up all kinds of walks. For fantasy sake, you’re looking at very similar players who are probably going to be middle of the pack amongst outfielders unless they have a huge season.

Right fielder Jason Heyward may offer a similar kind of mediocre offensive performance in a normal year, but he’s older and has less power than Pederson, so probably not going to be someone you want starting in your outfield in most leagues.

The same cannot be said of Ian Happ, however, a guy who had a breakout season in the shortened 2020 campaign. Before fouling a ball into his own face, Happ was enjoying a great year and was even in the midst of MVP candidacy. Happ is a great choice in fantasy leagues for his walks, power, speed, and age if you’re keeping guys year to year. He’s only going to get better and better as he continues to be an every day player edging towards his prime for a manager who has the utmost confidence in him.

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If you’re a Cubs fan and fantasy player, it’s likely you’ll be looking to draft and keep some of your favorite guys so you can hedge your bets on a successful season in at least one of the two. Here’s hoping it’s the real one, but it may be pure fantasy given some of the moves made this offseason…