Chicago Cubs: Constructing the perfect bullpen for 2021

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Chicago Cubs
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The Chicago Cubs have plenty of bullpen arms in Arizona all vying for 8 spots. With so few spots, who are we going to see in the bullpen come opening day?

Spring training is in full swing for the Chicago Cubs down in Mesa, Arizona. There are several interesting storylines that are worth following, whether it be the ever-winding Kris Bryant sagaBrennen Davis getting an invite to big league camp, suggesting that we may see him sooner than expected, or even a bit of uncertainty of all of the rotation spots at the moment.

However, nothing happening down at Sloan Park has more questions around it than the battle going on in the bullpen. The Cubs are almost certainly going to have to make tough decisions with the bullpen that may come out of necessity rather than actual choice.

Assuming the rotation going into the year is Hendricks-Davies-Arrieta-Williams-Mills, this is how the Cubs could construct the best bullpen given the circumstances.