Chicago Cubs: Three reasons to have optimism heading into 2021

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Wrigley Field (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Wrigley Field (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs: This would make everyone more optimistic

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In a year like no other, fans were unable to cheer on the Cubs at Wrigley Field. While the country is still mired in the midst of the worst pandemic it has ever faced, there is hope in the form of a vaccine as well as hope that the warm weather of spring and summer will again help quell the spread and virility of this terrible scourge.

Just being able to get to the ballpark would make a lot of people happy and more optimistic about their own future in addition to the Cubs future.

There may be tons of fans who aren’t terribly excited to scurry on over to Wrigley given the exodus of talented players going on at the moment, but there are legions who would come out given the opportunity to enjoy a ballgame and a beer at iconic Wrigley Field on a warm spring or summer day.

Despite the bad press that the Ricketts have received regarding their political leanings and talk of fiscal ruin this past year, many fans just won’t care at all if given the chance to pack (or space out in) Wrigley Field.