Chicago Cubs: Top five moments during the team’s window of contention

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Chicago Cubs: The Curse is lifted – and our fandom changes forever

I could just leave this picture here and let you paint the rest of the scene with your mind. Any words I might be able to put down on paper regarding the greatest night in Cubs history would pale in comparison to the feelings all of us felt that Thursday morning in November of 2016.

For most of us, it was a feeling we had never been introduced to. For some, it was a feeling we never thought we’d get the chance to experience.

In one crazy night, the North Siders were able to exorcise over a century worth of demons, putting to bed the notion that they’d always be losers or that they couldn’t possibly win because of a goat or a random dude sitting down the left field line with headphones.

In typical fashion, it did require several home runs, a blown save by the most lockdown of lockdown closers that year, a well-timed comeback, poor managerial decisions, and Willis Reedesque heroics from a guy who hadn’t played the whole season. Still, would you have it any other way?

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In real time, there were a million little moments of doubt and that gnawing curse feeling that kept creeping into every fan’s brain. Knowing the outcome in hindsight, it just makes it all the sweeter.