Chicago Cubs: Top five moments during the team’s window of contention

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Jake Arrieta, Chicago Cubs
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Chicago Cubs: Oh, what a night!

“Whatever helps keep your hope alive, just know, it doesn’t matter”

Has any professional athlete had bigger cojones than Jake Arrieta when he tweeted the Pirates fans on the eve of the 2015 National League Wild Card game?

I’m gonna go with a big no. Not only did Arrieta announce to the Pirates fans and world that they had no chance, he then proceeded to go out and shove it right up the Allegheny, Monongahela and Ohio with a four-hit shutout in his first every postseason start. He was incredibly dominant and looked pretty much like Bob Gibson throwing against Little Leaguers. The Pirates hitters had no chance and some even seemed as uncomfortable as John Kruk was against Randy Johnson.

Arrieta struck out 11, throwing 98 MPH heaters and unhittable cutters. He also got plunked and promptly stole a base to really throw the proverbial salt into the wound that was the extra salty Pittsburgh dugout.

Arrieta’s confidence and performance in not just that game, but throughout much of his time in Chicago, was a testament to Epstein for trading for him, Chris Bosio for “releasing the hounds,” and Arrieta himself. While the signing of Lester signaled to the rest of the world that the Cubs had an ace, everyone in the Cubs organization and fanbase already knew they had one.