Why the Cubs should just go ahead and trade everyone this offseason

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Chicago Cubs: These four may all be expendable

If this exodus becomes a reality for players in the last year of their contracts, the once unthinkable may come to pass. Anthony Rizzo, the heart and soul of this franchise and the unspoken captain through this window of convention, may very well be on his way out this season if guys start getting unloaded.

As a Gold and Platinum Glove-winning fielder at first and one of the most consistently good offensive performers in baseball over the past seven years (we’ll forgive him the pandemic season as we will many others), Rizzo would have many suitors from around baseball.

If the Cubs do elect for a mini-rebuild and attempt to save some money this season, Rizzo’s $16.5 million would certainly save the club some bread. With his chronic back issues, the now 31-year-old may not look as likely a candidate for an extension as he once may have, especially to a club looking to make decisions based on money alone.

If some of these other core players get moved, why wouldn’t the Cubs move on from an expensive and leaving-his-prime first baseman, even if has been the beating heart of the blue and red? I hope it doesn’t come to it, but at this point, would it really be that hard to see? For that matter, if the fire sale begins, could Yu Darvish or even Kyle Hendricks be on the board for the right price?

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I sure as heck hope not, but given the rumors and transactions so far, I’m not holding my breath.