Why the Cubs should just go ahead and trade everyone this offseason

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Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Javier Baez, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

Chicago Cubs: Say it ain’t so, Javy

This one would sting. This one would really smart. No, this one would be a reckoning. Should the Chicago Cubs go full-bore on cleaning house, losing Javier Baez would hurt a ton. A fan favorite and defensive whiz, anything Baez does with the bat is basically gravy for a winning club. The guy sells jerseys, tickets, brings excitement to the club, and is a pretty special player outside of all that.

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While Baez has had his issues remaining consistent at the plate and not swinging at everything, his defensive prowess and “it” factor make him a marketable commodity in a deal with any contender. If the Cubs are going to get rid of their other core guys, there will be a huge market for a  relatively inexpensive Gold-Glove shortstop who can go on an offensive tear at any given moment.

The Cubs also do have a guy who can play shortstop waiting in the wings. True, Nico Hoerner would look a lot nicer as a keystone partner to pair with Baez, but Hoerner is cheaper and younger at this point, key factors in any rebuild or whatever the Cubs front office might call this.

If Contreras or Bryant go, don’t be surprised if someone makes a play for Baez and he goes poof.