Cubs Rumors: Is the team ready to trade Victor Caratini to the Tigers?

Victor Caratini - Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports
Victor Caratini - Mandatory Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports /

The Chicago Cubs and the Detriot Tigers seem to come up often these days. The player is Victor Caratini. Would he be traded?

The Chicago Cubs and the Detriot Tigers seem to be joined at the hip. We mentioned Will Venable as a manager of the Tigers. He seems to be a ‘good fit’ after interviewing with the Houston Astros the last offseason. On the ‘table’ this year, Victor Caratini. Roger Castillo of MCB was mentioning this in passing, but is it feasible?

Caratini is 27 years old, a year behind Willson Contreras (28), and he won’t become a free agent until 2024. Contreras becomes one in 2023. But while Contreras is working on his pitch framing,  Caratini’s got it down pat. He’s averaged a 53% strike rate but with half as many pitches (1346 to 611). Still, it’s his best in his career in 44 games played.

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Now the offense is where it’s at–or isn’t. His OPS+ was at 80, down 25 points from last season. And his barrel percentage was 3.5%, tied for his worst in his career. Small sample, and maybe he would have turned it around–or maybe he wouldn’t. Again, a small sample size that you can’t ‘sink your teeth into.’

The ‘future’ of the Tigers’ is Jake Rogers–which doesn’t sound like he’s a fit. Here’s what Al Avila said to the Detroit Free Press.

"“From a defensive perspective, he’s the real deal,” Avila said Friday. “I do have worries about his offense, and I didn’t feel comfortable at the time bringing up him. I felt that it would benefit him more, and the organization, to keep him down there with those at-bats where he’s not going to be scrutinized as much."

They do have Miguel Amaya. He’s a top 10 at catcher, and he could slide right up if he has to replace Caratini. But Amaya hasn’t played beyond A+ ball. He’s got the tools for it, but the talent might not be there. Another year of MiLB, and he’d be set up for the future. That’s dependant on COVID-19. Another year and the coronavirus is still having its way with the American people?  I don’t want to think of that. Nope.

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So will they trade Caratini? At this time, I’m going to say no. Remember when they were going to trade Contreras? Now they’re stuck on him. Are they going to trade Kyle Schwarber? To be honest, I would be all for it, but that’s just me. Stick with Caratini, for now.