Cubs News: Three questions about the outfield spots

Ian Happ - Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Ian Happ - Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Cubs: So could Happ move from center field?

It’s possible. The Cubs’ Happ has subbed for Schwarber many times in left field–so he’s capable. He’s escalated from a minus-7 in 2018 to a minus-2 in 2020, and he’s got plenty of time to work it out in center.

It’s possible that if they get some speed in center field, maybe Happ can switch to left field. Hamilton will be ideal if he plays there on a one-year deal. But that’s for Theo Epstein to be involved with. I know nothing of it. Hamilton or Maybin? Sheesh. Maybe it’s neither of them. Who knows.

In the end, Happ would be good to switch, especially with Hamilton patrolling center field. Again, who knows what will happen. Maybe Happ will be an ‘all-time’ center fielder? He’s holding the spot until that comes up.