Chicago Cubs News: Positive takeaways from the 2020 season

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The offensive of the Cubs was disappointing, but Ian Happ and Jason Heyward looked to turn a corner.

The Cubs offense stunk this season, plain and simple.

I could go into all the details, but by now all it takes is looking at my past work or the pieces of my fellow writers and you’ll see first hand just how bad it was all year.

Blame it on not being able to use video in the dugout, or the effects of a shortened season, but the other 29 teams dealt with the same issues and some had great offenses. For whatever reasons, the Cubs just could not get it figured out at the plate.

Their approach was terrible, and the young-pitching staff of the Marlins exposed a miserable offense.

Long-story-short, there were only two players who finished with a batting average above .250: Jason Heyward and Ian Happ.

It seems like only in the year 2020 both Heyward and Happ would be the best offensive weapons for the Cubs.

That’s not so much an insult, considering the Cubs have had players with great statistical seasons over the last few seasons.

To tell you the truth it’s not like they finished with eye-popping offensive numbers:

Jason Heyward: 6 HR 22 RBI .265 BA .848 OPS

Ian Happ: 12 HR 28 RBI .258 BA .866 OPS

The two outfielders went through a rough stretch in the final weeks of the season, but considering they were the only position players to show a consistency for a majority of the season I tip my cap to them.

I think this season will be a confidence boost for both Heyward and Happ going forward. The pair haven’t exactly lived up to their expectations since putting on a Cub-uniform. Now that they have tasted the personal success when wearing the pinstripes, they should believe they can do it again.

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If only the Cubs could have gotten this kind of offensive production the past few seasons. Maybe things will balance out next season and everyone will finally be hitting well at the same time.

Though hoping for the best with this core group will probably be asking for much. That’s basically what happened this season when no significant moves were made.

At the end of the day some changes are in order to guarantee a better offense for the Cubs in 2021.