Chicago Cubs Rumours: Where do we go from here?

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The Chicago Cubs’ Theo Epstein is discussing leaving the team. Jed Hoyer doesn’t know where he’ll go–Jason McLeod, too. The team is at a standstill.

The Chicago Cubs’ Theo Epstein is discussing a possible move from the team. Either now or next year–it’ll be done at some time soon. Jed Hoyer and Jason McLeod are at an impasse while they wait to see what Epstein does. Does Hoyer become the President of Baseball Operations for Cubs? What about McLeod?

After 10 years, what he learned from Bill Walsh echoed in his brain. Walsh said that coaches benefited from a ‘change of scenery,’ Epstein is on year 10 with the Cubs. The year is right. Will Walsh be?

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If Epstein goes, what then? I have to be honest with you–I don’t know what to think. Ten years ago–2011–he came to Chicago. And it was NOT pretty. The first few years were a wreck. But by 2015, it turned around. By 2016, they were World Series Champs and the window was open. Four years later and it’s closing–or closed–and Epstein doesn’t know where to go. Anthony Rizzo doesn’t know where to go, for that matter.

"“Who knows where this game is going to go, where this country is going to go, where life is going to go?” Rizzo said. “Baseball next year is so far way. h/t Mark Gonzalez, Chicago Tribune"

Epstein, Hoyer, McLeod or Rizzo don’t know which way to turn. Rizzo will be back most likely. But the front office? No clue if they will be back. Hoyer and McLeod have followed him wherever he has gone. Wherever he goes, will they follow? To be determined.

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Fast forward to 2021, the last year of his contract. Would he take on a ‘leadership’ role as he’s on his way out? Maybe reach out to Hoyer or McLeod to see if they want to take it? Or none of them and start from scratch. Either way, Epstein has some difficult decisions in front of him.