Cubs News: Who will have a good series at the Marlins?

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The Cubs’ Ian Happ is proud to be on this list

The Cubs’ Ian Happ is due for a breakout–and this is his chance to show it. He went 4-for-27 in his last eight games with one walk. That is it. But it’s his time to shine–and he needs to do it now. His slash line is .258/.361/.505 with a wRC+ of 131–17th in the National League. On the top, that doesn’t look very appealing. It’s his play in centerfield that is key.

He follows Jason Heyward (9th), Anthony Rizzo (12th), Javier Baez (20th) at 29th (UZR/150). Happ has made strides in center, and against the Marlins, he’ll do the same–if he gets the chance. But four in the top 30? That’s pretty good if you ask me.

He’s got the hitting, and he has the fielding. He has to put it together to be the MVP. Still, I don’t believe he’ll get it together in one fell swoop. Thanks, Chip! So, in the end, I don’t think he’ll be an MVP. Although, I think he’ll get close to it. Maybe an RBI single or a diving catch. We can hope, right?