Chicago Cubs News: Top three new pitchers of 2020

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Chicago Cubs: The guy that should be named the closer

Jeremy Jeffress – With four wins under his belt and a smoking 1.77 ERA, Jeffress continues to prove daily to the organization that you don’t have to spend a boat-load of money to be the best at your game.

Jeffress has been nothing but impressive in just about every outing I can recall this whole season. While the Kimbrel controversy was gaining traction last month, Jeffress was all about business as he saved the Cubs seven times this season (so far) from certain doom.

The younger pitchers look to Jeffress as an endless well of knowledge that has been throwing for some 11 years in MLB. What an outstanding example Jeffress is setting for a bullpen that looks to be heading to the postseason. There has been no better example of stability, intensity, and keen focus during clutch game scenarios then Jeffress, and the whole bullpen knows it.  I wouldn’t be surprised if Kimbrel’s stunning turnaround isn’t in part due to Jeffress’s commanding example.

We already know the job is challenging enough; I mean to come into a game when all heck has broken loose can’t be an easy thing for anyone, but Jeffress makes it look easy, and he’s playing mentor.

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Batters can never seem to get their bats on Jeffress’s pitches, and since the middle of August, he has produced most of the save opportunities they have capitalized upon.

The Milwaukee Brewers have to be kicking themselves that they let Jeffress go in the first place, especially after the performance of their go-to closer Josh Hader recently against the team.

In my book, Jeffress has been the best acquisition they made to their bullpen this past season. Now that they look to be heading into the postseason, things couldn’t be better for what has been a questionable bullpen the past couple seasons.