Chicago Cubs News: Closer Craig Kimbrel experiment is over

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Chicago Cubs: Hall of ‘Blamer?’

You can expect after this scathing article, we’ll next see that Kimbrel possibly on an injury report; the easiest way to get him out of the limelight and save the future Hall of Blamer any more embarrassment as he looks for another sucker out there.

Cubs president of baseball operations, Theo Epstein, should squeeze every last bit of juice he can out of the scarecrow and then dump him as soon as he can find any deal worth making.

While Kimbel’s time being part of a historic franchise with the Cubs could have been marked as the highlight of his career, the outlook is looking dismal. Especially after his time with the Boston Red Sox, Kimbrel could have reinvented himself like Cubs ace, Jon Lester, instead he joins the ranks of ‘used to be greats’ like Brandon Morrow and Pedro Strop.

Next. Maybe a reunion with the Strop?. dark

I doubt that these words will ‘inspire’ Kimbrel to greatness or proving me wrong; he’s already showed his colors. These words hurt me as I wrote weekly, very early in 2019, to sign Kimbrel. Like many, I thought he was our new closing Savior.

‘Savior’ may have been off though; maybe the red hair should have given him away.