Chicago Cubs News: Top three ‘villains’ having their way

Nick Castellanos, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)
Nick Castellanos, Chicago Cubs (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Cubs fans know the players that always seem to give the team a tough time. Here’s the current short season list of opposing player villains.

When the Chicago Cubs take the field, I like to think of them as the good guys in their red, white and blue uniforms, unlike those other guys across town that have accepted the color black to represent themselves.

Every superhero must have a nemesis villain to rally against, or they would be sitting around getting fat eating Doritos all day. Batman has the Joker, and Superman has Lex Luthor to battle with, but who are the Cubs villains these days?

Indeed, fans can point to several guys who get a rousing set of boos whenever they step up to the plate or make plays against our heroes from the north side. How about the Milwaukee Brewers center fielder Lorenzo Cain,  and his knack for stealing home runs from the edges of glory in the outfield? The Brewers have a whole roster full of bad guys like left fielder Ryan Braun or closer Josh Hader that seems to get our blood boiling. Now that we’ll be playing those South-siders more this season, I’m sure we’ll be adding onto this list shortly.

I could go on and on through a bunch of teams, but let’s take a look at who has surfaced recently as some bad hombres for our Cubs.